Integration with Inzant Websites


In the last five years we have seen more and more businesses grab the bull by the horns and migrate their systems onto a digital platform. Taking your business online was a big deal it and it gave you a huge competitive edge six years ago when Inzant started. Now not having automated systems in place will hold you back dramatically.

Now it is no longer enough to just have your systems on a digital platform they must all integrate. Inzant Sales was first designed six years ago with the ability to integrate between itself and a wide range of ERP/Account packages. Integration between ERP/Accounts systems and your sales systems is hugely important but what about integration between your website and your mobile sales system?

Not only will Inzant Websites integrate with your ERP/Accounts systems but they will also integrate with the Inzant Sales system. Inzant Sales is an iPad sales system, which uses the same admin client as Inzant Websites. Inzant Sales is a fantastic tool for sales representatives to boost sales, save time and eliminate re-keying orders and paper catalogues! Inzant Websites & Inzant Sales make the ultimate selling tools to help you get the most out of each client while being available 24/7 to give them everything they want.

The Inzant Sales iPad solution supports all features of Inzant Websites Plus:

  • The ability for reps to instantly configure websites log-in details for retailers on the app
  • Complete transaction history will be available on the app for reps to view
  • Specials, promos, and pricing will also be available on the app for reps to check pricing
  • Call cycle planning
  • Survey functions
  • PDF catalogues
  • 5 images, 2 PDFs and 1 youtube/ Vimeo clip per product

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